DisruptCyprus Live: The importance of Technology Integration in Education

DisruptCyprus Live: The importance of Technology Integration in Education

On Tuesday 30th June 2020 at 9pm I am featuring Christina Shailas on #DisruptCypruslive sessions to discuss the importance of Technology Integration in Education.

Technology integration refers to the placement of tools and platforms used to support and enhance a given environment. Technology integration in education has evolved drastically over the last decade given the undeniable resulting evidence in the number of benefits it presented in the classroom. To name a few, technology was implemented to provide teachers with an efficient teaching assistant, ways to differentiate instruction and improve learner engagement, a reduction in paper consumption and a means to minimize overweight bookbags for students.

In the most recent of events, the overwhelming benefit of using technology was seen through remote teaching to support distance learning and has proven to be critical for the continuity of education during the global pandemic. The importance of technology integration in education has started to become visible to all as more than a list of distinct benefits but a means to completely reshape the education system.

Christina Shailas has worked in education as a technology integrationist since 2013. She is Cypriot, born and raised in New York City. Christina has a Bachelor’s degree from New York University and Master’s degree from Columbia University. Christina worked as a Mathematics Teacher and Technology Integrationist at one of the top independent schools in Manhattan. She implemented a school-wide paperless classroom through a 1-1 iPad program and integrated technology into the infrastructure of teaching and learning throughout the school. She has immense knowledge in Google and Microsoft Education. Last year, she moved to Cyprus and joined a private school in Limassol as a Technology Integrationist.

Tune in to discuss technology in education.

Stay Safe.

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