Exclusive: CEG COIN’s platform will be launched in June 2018

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From within the Innovation Building of the Technology Park in New Borg ElArab City, Alexandria, Egypt, COIN will operate its headquarters in a dedicated space of 150 square meters with two fulltime employees.

According to the ICT Minister Adviser for Training and Technology Innovation of Egypt, Dr. Hossam Osman as stated at DisruptCyprus.com, one employee has the role of COIN Manager, while the other will be an Admin Assistant. The headquarter also has access to about 1000 square meter containing shared services as meeting/training rooms, technology labs, and co-working spaces.

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Cyprus and Greece have office desks in the concerned ministries assigned as small COIN branches. Each branch will have National Manager.

coin tiec strategy

COIN's first steps
COIN is a platform to enhance collaboration, networking and business matchmaking among the innovation ecosystems within the three Mediterranean countries.

So first step is to release a Request for Proposal (RFP) to develop, provide content, and manage the CEG (Cyprus Egypt Greece) Online Platform that will act as COIN’s first point of contact. The Platform will be composed of an online portal, mobile apps and social networks. Tender applicants must be consortia of members from the three countries, with a minimum of one entity per each country.The Platform is targeted to come live around June 2018.

As Dr. Osman revealed to DisruptCyprus.Com, other steps include organizing the first COIN Annual Event in Greece around July 2018 and to run the first round of COIN League as a competition on a specific technology theme between entrepreneurial teams in the three states.

Next step will be to run the first round of COIN Academy to build capacity in certain advanced technologies.

COIN’s large portfolio of services
1) Cross-border regional connections, softlanding, and B2B/partnership opportunities
2) Gateway to EU funding instruments as H2020 and ENI CBC Med.
3) Networking, knowledge-sharing, innovation recognition and capacity building events.
4) Staff, students and interns exchange.
5) Consortia formulation in response to tenders and calls.
6) Open innovation streamlining and synergy creation.

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Cyprus and Greece can benefit from the advanced Egyptian startup ecosystem and gain access to the large talent pool with good language skills and excellent varieties of techies. Also Egypt provides easy access to the Gulf States and Africa. It has to be noted that business operation costs within Egypt is quite low, especially after Egyptian currency devaluation. Dr. Osman also notes that there is a growing VC community and of course innovative teams from Cyprus with cross-border products and services can be leveraged in both Egypt and Greece through COIN.

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