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Shipping is responsible for 2.5% of the global Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, emitting 1 billion tonnes of CO2 annually, predicted to increase between 50% and 250% by 2050. SyndeSeas is trying to deal with the need to facilitate and enhance the Shipping Sector’s contribution towards tackling Climate Change.

Vote SyndeSeas to represent Cyprus in the finals of “Ideas from Europe”. You can do that by visiting the following link: and voting for the team SyndeSeas: [select: Michalis Agapiou - Novelseas (Cyprus)]

It has to be noted that the EU Shipping Emissions Monitoring, Reporting & Verification Regulation and the Global IMO Fuel Consumption Data Collection System will enter into force in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

The law enforcement makes actions for compliance with them a priority issue for all parties concerned. EU and IMO have further invested significant research funds and called for global technical cooperation on effectively addressing the need to reduce GHG emissions from ships and enhancing their energy efficiency.

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A platform to report and verify all regulatory requirements
SyndeSeas proposes an integrated software solution for Shipping Green House Gas Emissions Reporting & Verification, serving all regulatory requirements and all involved parties needs at the same time, making compliance easy for all.

SyndeSeas fulfills a dual role:
-The efficient facilitation of the overall regulatory process, by automating and optimizing it through a software
-The enhancement of the regulatory enforcement, by making the collection, analysis and interpretation of obtained data much more efficient, much more accurate and much faster.

SyndeSeas has a unique ability to offer an integrated solution to: Ship owners/managers, Independent Verifiers, Flag Administrations, Regulatory Bodies (EU/IMO), which reduces the required resources, administrative burden and cost for compliance.

It further introduces a novel game-changer approach: the continuous auditing (pre-verification) of reported data, as an ongoing process, including continuous access to full set of verifiable data and supporting documents in the cloud.

Ethical saviors: The Team!
“Ethical creatures like humans, can never escape their responsibilities”, says SyndeSeas CEO, Michalis Agapiou. The team is built upon this principle and SyndeSeas is the contribution towards the main global responsibility: ‘To save and preserve our planet for future generations’.

All SyndeSeas team members are driven by the need to serve and contribute towards this common goal. And we believe that our diverse team has a lot to offer.

Michalis Agapiou (Naval Architect) and Evangelia Fotopoulou (Naval Architect), were the co-founders of the project, which was initially named “Shipping Emissions Reporting & Verification (SERVer) Integrated Solution” and was an EF-MA novelseas Ltd project.

The other team members, joined at critical stages of the initial project:
Christoforos Antzouli, a Maritime Economist, joined upon entry of our team in the IDEA Programme Accelerator Stage, offering valuable support to the project. Angelos Hadjiphilippou, an IT expert, joined us soon after, and actually just in time to offer his valuable assistance in developing our MVP, which led our team to win the first prize of the Cyprus Digital Championship 2017. Nikolaos Felesakis, Mechanical and Environmental Engineer / Sales Engineer (MSc in Oil & Gas Engineering), joined our team adding his valuable knowledge and experience for finalizing the corporate structure of Syndeseas.

With its current form and structure, SyndeSeas Team is in a unique position to bring the idea to life. Having realized that fact, we made the strategic decision to establish Syndeseas as a start-up company, with full intellectual property rights to the Syndeseas Integrated Solution.

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When SyndeSeas pitched in Tallinn!
The “Ideas from Europe” competition in Tallinn, was a great experience for SyndeSeas. "It was an honor for us to represent Cyprus and to be considered one of the most promising European startups, that can offer a solution to a global challenge. Throughout the event we had also the chance to meet fellow-entrepreneurs and interact with important people (including potential investors, in the EIPP match-making event). We received very positive feedback on our idea, and this empowers us to proceed more determined than ever, towards fulfilling our goals", Michalis says.

What was made very clear throughout the event, is that European decision makers understand that startups and innovation are the key to solving the most important global challenges and that they will work towards encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs and startups.

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At the beginning of COIN!
SyndeSeas had the chance to –at the exact same time- be the start-up that represented Cyprus at CEG COIN (Cyprus, Egypt, Greece - Collaborative Innovation Network) inauguration conference on the 21st and 22nd of November at Borg El-Arab, Egypt. COIN will be operating in Egypt with branches in Cyprus and Greece and its launching follows the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the three countries, in research, innovation and business opportunities for the benefit of both the public and the private sector.

For a start-up like SyndeSeas, being able to be represented and deliver pitches in two important events at different parts of the world at the same time, is certainly a good sign.
We are grateful for being considered a worthy representative of Cyprus to such events, and we always do our utmost to rise up to the occasion.

Full scale software launch coming soon!

According to Michalis Agapiou, the goal for the next few months, is to launch the full-scale software (with improved functionality and more advanced features) and initiate promotional activities, especially towards promoting it as the tool to facilitate and enhance the regulatory enforcement, for both IMO and the EU.

“A chance to be among the teams that make it to the “Ideas from Europe” finals would for certain serve that goal, as it would give us the chance to attract the interest and present our idea to the EU regulators”, Michalis states.

Remember! The project is subject of public voting as we speak, so everyone can vote for us and help in sending Cyprus to the finals, by visiting the following link: and voting for the team SyndeSeas: [select: Michalis Agapiou - Novelseas (Cyprus)]

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