DisruptCyprus.com has no affiliation with the event Disrupt Cyprus 2017: Where Ideas Meet

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We want to salute our thousand fans, social media followers, and readers of our tech, innovation, and startup blog DisruptCyprus.com.

Because we always want to be transparent to our dealings and tell the truth to our fan base we want to clarify one thing.

WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED in any way with the event Disrupt Cyprus 2017: Where Ideas Meet, that is organized during the November Entrepreneurship Week. We wish the organizers to succeed in their work and help the ecosystem move forward and outreach via their competition.

But we are definitely not affiliated with them. Our register trademark, after all, is different. We are registered as DISRUPTCYPRUS and the first blog in Cyprus dedicated to startups, innovation and technology.

That’s all folks!

P.S Our suggestion for this event and future events. Try to find teams that attended previous competitions and ask them what happened. 90% of startup competitions happening in Cyprus are a big waste of time. Try to aim big and attend events abroad if you are truly want to build a global startup. Our 2 cents after attending more than 100 startup events in Cyprus the last 3 years. They are simply not disruptive enough…