Arcona: A time machine to the past and an opportunity for AR advertising


AR and Blockchain technology brings to the world amazing opportunities for creating something new and innovative. seized that opportunity and combined these two technologies to create a new virtual world where copyrights are protected.

Arcona integrates virtual and real worlds, providing a link between an augmented reality layer called the Digital Land and natural landmarks on the Earth’s surface. The company behind the project, Piligrim XXI, already created 8 AR parks in six countries in Europe, including Spain, France, and Italy.

According to the Founder of Arcona Augment Reality Ecosystem Daniil Girdea, in an exclusive interview to, Arcona creates a mixed reality that combines the real world with the virtual one. “Anything that can be constructed in the physical world it can be also made in the virtual one because Arcona is directly linked to the real world”, Daniil says.

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For example, Cyprus has a great history and lots of ruins and ancient monuments such as castles and ancient theatres. One can design in Arcona the whole construction of the ruins as it used to be in ancient times. As Daniil stated, in this case, Arcona could be used as a tool for tourists to get to know Cyprus history and even attract more tourists to the Island with creating whole digital lands. Arcona could be also used as a tool in education. It is much easier to actually show how a theatre looked like in ancient times at the place of ruins rather than just show the ruins in pictures.

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Another way of using Arcona is advertising. Since the physical world is overcrowded with ads, one can buy a certain space in the digital land where there is plenty of space and put the ad there.One can access Arcona simply by using a smartphone or a tablet.

Digital land is the main asset of the Arcona ecosystem, built on the principles of the blockchain. The rules of land use are described in the Ethereum smart contract. You can buy your own lot in exchange for an ERC20 standard token - arcona.

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Watch the entire interview in the video below.