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The launch of the first Bitcoin ATM in Cyprus was announced by the tech company, Hello Group, on Wednesday 30th of November.

FOX, FOX Life, National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild are now available on MTN TV.

The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) announces its cooperation with Cyta, to promote the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector for the benefit of society.

One of RiseTech Media goals for this year was to help the local municipalities in Cyprus to advance more in technology and utilize smart and cost-efficient solutions.

PassivDom, a Ukrainian startup, builds houses that are autonomous, energy efficient, mobile, recyclable, even zombie proofed.

While a lot of “smart city” technology focuses on motor vehicles, one startup company wants to shift some of the emphasis toward cyclist safety.

GCC Computers has been accredited as Platinum Partner by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE)Enterprise (HPE), becoming the first Cyprus company to achieve the highest level of accreditation as part of HPE’s Partner Ready Program.

See how an appliance looks like on your kitchen before you buy it

Buzzsumo recently published the results of reviewing two billion articles and Facebook posts that were published in 2017.

Facebook launched on Friday December 15, a new feature designed to give users more control over what content they see in their News Feed: a “Snooze” button.

Snap launched the Lens Studio AR developer tool for desktops so anyone can create World Lenses that place interactive, imaginary 3D objects in your photos and videos.

Do you want to re-engage your site visitors and remarket to them via Google Display Network? Below you can find 6 easy tutorials directly from Google Adwords Channel that can help you and guide to basic functionalities of setting up a Remarketing Campaign in Google Adwords.

With users getting more and more impatient with slow mobile pages, developers are increasingly investing in a faster web experience with solutions like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted on Thursday December 14 to dismantle landmark rules regulating the businesses that connect consumers to the internet, granting broadband companies power to potentially reshape Americans’ online experiences.

MTN continues to enrich the content of MTN TV, by adding two new subscription packs, Standard Plus and Complete Plus; with the addition of Video on Demand to both.

MTN is the fastest-growing telecommunications provider in Cyprus, according to the official data published by the Office of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulations (OCECPR). Specifically, MTN is the telecoms provider that records the largest increase in mobile telephony and broadband access (internet and fixed telephony) connections for June 2016 - June 2017.

This is HUGE! The end of generating organic traffic from a Facebook Page to your blog or traffic to your website is very near.

The smart speaker will use Samsung's Bixby voice assistant and focus on sound quality connecting home devices.

Improved image search, multi-source results, and a more conversational auto-complete

It is the same one that powers the Do-Not-Disturb feature on the Pixel 2 phones 

Did you ever wanted to be a power ranger and have your own zord? Or be Tony Stark flying in an armor suit? Well maybe soon we will be able to that. Toyota has a new, third-generation humanoid robot bears the charming name “T-HR3” and is designed to be a helpful and safe assistant to humans.

According to the The Wall Street Journal, Google is developing a standalone virtual reality headset that will not rely on a user's smartphone and a lens-fitted cardboard headset, but rather have all the necessary components built in.

Think about the blockchain as another class of thing like the Internet, a comprehensive information technology with tiered technical levels and multiple classes of applications for any form of asset registry, inventory, and exchange, including every area of finance, economics, and money, hard assets (physical property, homes, cars) and intangible assets (votes, ideas, reputation, intention, health data, information, etc).

Hack{Cyprus} Summit took more than a year to build, making sure that this is an event by the community for the tech community.

On November 30, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus will hold a pitch session, allowing blockchain software manufacturers to present their new projects to investors and mass media.