Amazon’s AR feature is coming soon on Android

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See how an appliance looks like on your kitchen before you buy it

 Shopping for home just got easier. Augmented Reality (AR) shopping is not limited to furniture or other large objects anymore. Amazon has launched an AR View feature inside its iOS shopping app that previews "thousands" of products in 3D, ranging from kitchen appliances to toys to electronics. The potential buyer can now see how the products fit in a certain area, test how they look and match the proper colors.

So far, Amazon has made the featire available only in iOS devices but as published in Amazons’ website AR will soon be available to Android as well. For now, Amazons’ lovers need an iPhone 6S or a newer device (iOS 11.0+) to give AR View a try.

According to Amazon every product is sized and rendered so the potential buyer knows exactly how large it will be and what it will look like. Amazon reassures its clients that can be confident it will fit and that the style and color will match their decor.
In order to access AR, the user must open the Amazon App, tap on the camera icon on the search bar and tap ‘AR view’ and then select a product.